1° Anniversary InfoEdge Technology : “The innovative technology meets art-historical tradition”.

On February 3rd, 2017 during the first year of life of InfoEdge Technology we celebrated this important anniversary, in the spirit of sharing that distinguishes the company,with a meeting between co-workers, friends and family members, to live together an event that took place at two different moments but equally significant.

In the afternoon, we were accompanied by Alessandro Rubinetti curator of the Teatro Reale in the beautiful Complex of Santo Spirito in Sassia in Rome and guided through a musical-theatrical visit, to discover its wonderful fifteenth-century cloisters and lounges decorated with beautiful frescoes in the heart of Eternal City.
It was an exciting and suggestive experience that, characterized by the apparent contrast between a highly innovative company like InfoedgeTechnology and the extraordinary evocative power of an artistic heritage and its traditions, actually has perfectly represented the spirit that inspires every day the business operations: "innovate in the tradition".

Subsequently, in the atmosphere of the adjacent Hotel Columbus, a convivial cocktail was the opportunity to greet and make a toast all together until night in this first anniversary.