We want to build a team of strong and highly motivated individuals, create an environment in which we all are glad to work and where we find opportunity to grow together.

Be ready to give and receive open and direct feedback all the time. They can be hard at times, but we believe it makes us grow.

Be ready to give it your all at Infoedge Technology. We ask a lot from ourselves and from each other.

Be ready to share your knowledge and any information that it is important for the alignment within the team.

Be ready to get to know us. We strongly believe in the power of personal relationships, and for this reason we plan seasonal meetings and team buildings to facilitate our people to get together and bond.

What our staff & partners share about us

Established Company or Startup? STARTUP!

Deciding whether to join an established company or a startup can be tough. On one hand, bigger organizations offer in-house expertise, name recognition, and scale—all of which can hugely benefit your career. On the other hand, startups are fast-paced, exciting, and collaborative—plus, they give you the chance to shape a product, company, and even industry.


At InfoEdge Technology, we care about our employees’ futures and we believe that they deserve the best. Our continued growth allows us to offer you a competitive salary at a time when other companies are reducing staff. InfoEdge Technology offers more than 25 days of paid time off every year. As your tenure with the company grows so does your paid time off!


InfoEdge Technology holds monthly employee training sessions as well as weekly lunch-and-learns. InfoEdge Technology also encourages further education by offering bonuses for the successful completion of select online courses. In this respect, our company is the right place for motivated people and high achievers.


Productivity is much more than forcing employees to sit at their desks and crank out as much work as possible between 9:00 in the morning and 6:00 in the evening. A transparent and open form of communication addresses the employee’s need to feel that what they have to say has value. Here at InfoEdge Technology, this is what makes employees feel that they belong in the organization. Work then becomes meaningful because the employees know that what they contribute affects the organization that they are affiliated with.


InfoEdge Technology is a fast-growing company offering many opportunities. If you think you can contribute to build a strong and highly motivated team we want to meet you!

Open positions

What we are currently looking for

SAS Analyst/Programmer - Software Engineering (M/F)
Fundamental skills: SAS Base, SAS Macro and SQL, SAS Data Integration, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Management Console. Preferential skills: SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Stored Process, SAS Data Management, SAS Data Loader for Hadoop, SAS Viya. It is required a good knowledge of Data Warehouse issues and  familiarity with one relational database at least (e.g. Oracle or Microsoft SQL server). Availability to travel in both national and international territory is required as well. This position offers a permanent contract with remuneration connected to the experience level of the candidate. Languages: Italian and confidence with English. Locations: Rome and Naples (a branch is opening here soon). Upload your CV in the e-mail at contact.  
SAS Analyst/Programmer - Big Data (M/F)
It is required a proved knowledge of SAS Base, SAS Macro and SQL, SAS Data Integration and SAS Enterprise Guide. Fundamentals about Data Warehousing and fluency on at least one database (e.g Oracle or Microsoft SQL SERVER) are required as well. It is not mandatory but very welcome a know-how of SAS Data Flux, SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Financial Management, SAS eGRC, SAS Data Quality, SAS Data Loader for Hadoop and QlikView. Languages: Italian and confidence with English. Locations: Rome and Milan. Upload your CV at the e-mail in contact.
Senior JAVA developer - Software Engineering (M/F)
It is required a proved knowledge of IBM WebShere, BO Data Service and IBM Integration BUS. Knowledge of Risk Capital is a plus. Location: Rome. Upload your CV at the e-mail in contact.
Artificial Intelligence/Artificial Vision - Data Science (M/F)
It is required a proved knowledge of Machine Learning (algorithms and neural networks), Artificial Vision (image recognition with photogrammetric technique, LIDAR, photo / video 360), 3D modeling (image processing, 3D scatterplot creation). Experience with JAVA EE, NodeJS, Angular, MVC, HTML5, CSS, API REST or GraphQL, Redux, MongoDB, CONSUL and ETCD are required as well. The candidate has to be confident with the English language. Languages: Italian and confidence with English. Location: Rome. Upload your CV at the e-mail in contact.

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The significant investments in Research & Development as well as our propensity to execute with utmost precision make us among the most competitive companies in Italy in new technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In this regard, many companies are entrusting us with groundbreaking and inspiring projects.