The executive management team

Arcangelo Dellino (Co-founder and CEO) has a wide business experience and collaborates with Italian companies belonging to international groups. It is also the owner and CEO of InfoEdge Srl, an important company with a focus on Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Data Management and Big Data, which offers clients expertise and technology innovations to support the business through a complete and integrated portfolio of services. Starting from the analysis of the processes and, through design, they come up with the development of decision support systems and operating in strategic sectors of the companies. Among the main customers he has some of the largest insurance companies and Banking institutes on the Italian market. InfoEdge is Silver Partner of SAS Institute, with which it has a strategic relationship and which represents in Italy, both in terms of the specialization of services offered on its platforms in commercial terms, the most important realities with particular reference to the insurance sectors and banking.

Giancarlo Gava (Co-founder, President and CEO) is a professional with experience in University Teaching who has held management positions in the public and private sectors. He holds a Master of Managment at the University La Sapienza of Rome. He was co-founder and, for some twenty years, the majority shareholder and president of a service company operating in the IT sector, he sold his equity at the end of 2015. He established and consolidated cooperation with major international companies such as Siemens, Almaviva, Capgemini and Engineering, and RTI. He worked with some of the most important customers on the PA market, Telco and Utilities including: Rai, min. of the Interior, min. of Foreign Affairs, Anac, INPS, Lait, Telecom, Enel, Acea, GME, GSE.
Giancarlo is the author of books on political and social matters.

Simona Caruso (CTO) has many years of experience in Business Intelligence & Analytics, gained by participating in the analysis, development and management of projects with major customers including BNL, Banca Marche, INPS, Telepass, Sogei, Acea, Enel, Poste, Electronics. She has operated in finance, energy, utilities, PA. Over the years she has held leading roles of information systems consulting, starting with a graduate as SAS programmer, she has now expanded her development as an analyst, project leader and responsible of technical area. She worked at InfoEdge, with the role of SAS Leader – Rome, currently she is the technical director of InfoEdge Technology.