Global experience and competence

Target sectors and in progress changes

Infoedge Technology, thanks to its specialists’ know-how, focuses on energy, utilities, banking and insurance sectors with an offer suitable for their continuous transformation. Infoedge Technology runs for these sectors with a solution set which fulfils each business strategy and operational need. The finance scenery is changing as well as the functions of technology. Infoedge Technology supports this change, where the centrality of the client is an actual value by increasing its business intelligence and decision support offers. Moreover, Infoedge Technology adjusts its offer to the vertical activities of the insurance and finance sectors. Infoedge Technology’s specialization on the SAS platform reduces the development time and determines the return of the investments made. Our business solutions can successfully monitor the business trends and prevent their its risks.

Customer Intelligence

Defining an uniform customer profile according to contacts and purchased products.
Achieving effective one-to-one effective strategies.

Optimization of financial processes

Ruling and improving planning, budgeting, directional reporting and costing processes, according to Activity Based Costing methodologies.

Performance management e balanced scorecard

Offering control and operational instruments, methodologies able to identify and analise gaps among strategies, operational levels and actual results.

Enterprise Risk Management

Evaluating and containing risk within set limits, according the Basil II accord for the banking sector and to the Solvency II directive for the insurance sector.

Human resources

Mapping the company competences, identifying critical point and intervening with the appropriate actions.

IT Management

Optimising information management in each business field and planning an effective security policy.