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Humanoid Robotics – an emerging and challenging research field

Humanoid Robotics is an emerging and challenging research field, which has received significant attention during the past years and will continue to play a central role in robotics research and in many applications of the 21st century. Regardless of the application area, one of the common problems tackled in...

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Microsoft has identified Infoedge Technology as a reference partner of excellence on Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft technology is increasingly taking on a fundamental and reference role in the digital transformation process of many Enterprise entities, including the Poste Italiane Group as stated by the CEO – dr. Del Fante – at LinkedIn: About our partnership with Microsoft Italy:  from a technical point of...

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The Role of AI in Big Data Concerns

Today, we’re nearer than we’ve at any point been marketing and one-to-one sales. First of all, we’re creating more information than ever before. Each second, we produce 6,000 tweets, 40,000 Google inquiries, and 2 million messages. By 2019, worldwide web traffic will outperform 2 zettabytes for each year. In...

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