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The Role of AI in Big Data Concerns

Today, we’re nearer than we’ve at any point been marketing and one-to-one sales. First of all, we’re creating more information than ever before. Each second, we produce 6,000 tweets, 40,000 Google inquiries, and 2 million messages. By 2019, worldwide web traffic will outperform 2 zettabytes for each year. In...

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Smart utilities use smart data

Smart grid, smart meters, and greater access to weather data present opportunity in energy and utilities. By storing and processing real-time streams of multi-structured data in a scalable and cost-effective manner, utilities can use next generation technologies such as machine learning to optimize their business and improve the customer...

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Big data and IoT transforms manufacturing and offers a new wave of innovation, serving deep insights from the proliferation of machines and sensors. Hadoop brings together remote data from research, planning, production, performance, and customers for the first actionable view of the product lifecycle

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